Q: "What is Lime Crete poured limestone made of?"

A: We mix our own secret recipe of blended crushed limestone and other additives to achieve a strong limestone concrete.

Q: "Can Lime Crete paving be poured over existing concrete?"

A: Yes it can, as long as the existing concrete is in good condition without cracking.

Q: "How thin can you pour liquid limestone?"

A: Our standard thickness for non-traffic areas is 75 to 80mm thick and 100 to 120mm for driveways, but we can pour as thin as 40 to 50mm over existing concrete by using a special binding fibre throughout our limestone mixture.

Q: "How thick is limestone paving?"

A: (see comment above)

Q: "How much does poured paving cost?"

A: As all jobs vary in so many ways including, the size of the job, the location, the accessibility, the different finishes to the paving and other factors, each job has to be priced individually.

Q: "Do you only pour your paving in the Melbourne metro area?"

A: We regularly pour our limestone out of the STD Melbourne metropolitan area, from Queenscliff to Wallan, from Sorrento to Eynesbury and country work is also welcome.

Q: "Do you manufacture swimming pool coping?"

A: Yes we make matching pencil edge and bullnose pool coping with sizing made to order.

Q: "Can you pour a cantilevered "bench-top" over the edge of a pool??"

A: Yes, as long as the pool is constructed of concrete and the internal tiling has not yet been installed we can box out for a poured cantilevered edge.

Q: "Can liquid limestone be used indoors?"

A: Yes liquid limestone concrete can be poured indoors as a paving or it can be polished.

Q: "Do you manufacture other products with the liquid limestone?"

A: Yes, matching large limestone tables and park benches are some of the items we have made for clients

Q: "Do you make standard pavers with Lime Crete?"

A: Yes our limestone is used to manufacture a range of different sized pavers and stepping stones

Q: "What colours does the poured limestone come in?"

A: Although we have 3 standard limestone colours {sand, wheat and biscuit} other colours we have poured include, charcoal, river-pebble and terra-cotta peach.

Q: "Do you supply natural limestone products?"

A: Yes, A large range of West Australian and South Australian housing stone and landscaping blocks are stocked at the yard in Seaford, there is also a large range of natural limestone cladding.

Q: "Does Lime Crete paving need to be sealed?"

A: Although our paving does not have to be sealed we do recommend sealing for protection against staining and to keep your Lime Crete looking fresh and new. We have a large range of quality sealers available for all applications.

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Lime Crete Paving and Landscaping is an Australian owned and operated business using its own unique special blend of crushed limestone which is delivered and mixed on site using our mobile batching plant.

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